Many people ask if it is worth it to re-upholster furniture because often you can purchase a brand-new piece of furniture for the same price or less than refurbishing an older piece.  The answer is YES if any or all of the following pertain to you:  you really like the piece and cannot find the same new; the piece is an heirloom or of heirloom quality; you prefer not to clutter up the landfills unneccessarily.  Keep in mind too that older furniture was made much better and stronger than most of the new items on the market now. Refurbished will last longer than new.  The answer would be NO if you are just looking to save money by not buying new furniture.

When it comes to motorhome furniture, re-upholstering is definitely the way to go to spruce up your motorhome and extend it's life. Replacing motorhome furniture with new is much more expensive than re-upholstering. 

Remember - once your furniture is refurbished, it is the same as having brand new - only better!


Vintage Loveseat - reupholstered with wood repair 


Complete - Re-upholstered vintage Chair

Vintage Chair - reupholstered with hair-on leather hide 


After - Re-upholstered vintage Rocking Chair 


 After - Re-upholstered Living Room Chair

Office Chair - Re-upholstered with custom logo

Recliner Chair - Completely re-upholstered

Motorhome bench seats, hide-a-bed and curtains

                                  Hide-a-Bed Before                                                                    and After....

Custom seat covers for Bar Stools from a local tavern
Only seats recovered - backs original covering still 

Re-covered hide-a-bed sofa

Re-covered dining room chairs